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UPDATED December 17th, 2014

Latest holiday schedule for Draeger: Schedule

New Guidelines on handling out of State clients:  Draeger is now requiring all of its DASP's (DMB Interlock) to contact a customers original service center if we have NEVER serviced that client previously.  Please see the attached guidelines on how to handle Non DMB Clients.  Thanks...

CLIENT DAMAGE RETURNS - In an effort to create efficiency and reduced turnover time a new process has been implemented for Client Damage returns. Please see instructions and cease from using the green tape moving forward.

NEW RETURN AND REPAIR FORM- Please utilize the new 2013 and updated Return and Repair form located on the vendor site for every XT return.  If you have questions, please contact Erika Esqueda with Draeger (972) 929-1100 on the proper use of the form.

NEW CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS:  Draeger is now requiring all of its DASP's (DMB Interlock) to enter into a signed contract with our subcontractors, much like the one that you originally signed with us.  Please take a moment to review the new contract that is posted on the "Forms", "New Documents" page in the Vendor area.  These will be required as we go forward and take the place of the original that was signed between DMB on the Sub Contractors.  Please note that both DMB Interlock & Safety Services, Inc and Draeger will need to be added as additional insured on your policy.  If you have questions, please feel free to let us know.  Thanks again!

TAX Documents:  If you are providing services for DMB Interlock and you are NOT doing business as a Corporation you will need to complete the W-9 Form and the Independent contractors waiver listed on the vendor site.  If you ARE a corporation please complete and fax the W-9 form only ASAP. 

Transient Customer Volume - Due to the Oil and Gas development in Eastern Montana, we have seen a significant rise in out of State installs and calibrations.  Please refer to our new pricing program for changes in the way we charge these people.  If the client is showing up on your door with no appointment and you can find the time to work them in, please feel free to charge them an "express calibration fee of $35.00". If you are going to charge this fee, make sure to collect it using your own credit card terminal or collect these funds on your behalf as this does not concern DMB financials.

RETURNING XT UNITS: We have had issues with the return shipment of the XT unit to Draeger.  Quoted directly from the email, this is the correct way to return a shipment to Draeger.  "The following is acceptable for packaging material but not limited to: "Styrofoam peanuts", bubble wrap,
air "pillow" bags, newspaper (not shredded, but simply crumpled up is OK)."
 Please ensure that you follow these guidelines to avoid $50.00 Chargeback fees. 

Confidentiality - Please ensure that we are treating our customers with professional care, especially relating to their privacy.  Please do not discuss ANY details of the transaction with other employees (I.E. Cleanliness of the car, color, etc). Be sure to log out of the appropriate software when you are finished.  All it takes is one slip up .....  Again, Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing out there!!

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