Frequently Asked Questions

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We understand the frustration with having an interlock device installed in your vehicle.  Here are some questions and answers that might aid you in the process.

Q. What is an Interlock System?

A. An Interlock is a breath alcohol analysis device that is installed in a motor vehicle.  The Interlock prevents an alcohol impaired person from starting the vehicle. 

Q. Are retests required?

A. Yes. Retests are randomly required during the operation of the vehicle.  The tests are required and failure to take the test could result in a violation.

Q. How often will the Interlock need to be monitored?

A. Typically, the interlock is monitored at the service center every 30 days. However most customers in Montana can utilize a 60 day program as long as there has not been a restriction that indicates differently.  Please verify monitoring intervals with the monitoring agency.

Q. Will the unit shut the motor off?

A. No... The Interlock device will only prevent a start of the motor vehicle.

Q. What if the vehicle stalls in traffic?

A. The Interlock allows a free start time of (3) minutes. The vehicle can be restarted at this time without another sample.

Q. What if I miss a monitoring appointment?

A. State law requires that the unit be serviced regularly.  If you miss your appointment and your car locks out you may be required to tow the vehicle to the service center.

Q. What is a violation?

A. The State has set certain parameters that will trigger a violation.  Such items include not taking a required test when asked to do so.  Another might be trying to start the vehicle while intoxicated.  If a violation occurs you will have 5 days to return to the service center for a violation reset.

Q. Can I leave my car running while I am away from the vehicle?

A. It is not recommended to leave your vehicle unattended while running.  If the unit asks for a retest and you are away from the vehicle, this would be construed as a missed test and a violation could occur.

Q. How much can I expect to pay up front?

A. Typical installation costs $85.00 and you are also required to pay for your first 30 or 60 days of service at $80.00 per month

Scenario 1. (Non Specialty Vehicle - 2005/older) Install of $85.00 and 30 day monitor = $165.00

Scenario 2. (Non Specialty Vehicle - 2005/older) Install of $85.00 and 60 day Monitor = $245.00

** Specialty vehicles may require extra labor and parts.  Please contact your service senter for more information.

Q. Is there a minimum contract length.

A. Yes.  Due to the nature of the business we operate much like a cell phone carrier.  We do require a 6 month or longer contract.  If canceling prior to 6 months there is a $125.00 early termination fee.


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